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FlagStone is one of the best Santa Ana concrete contractors specializing in driveway construction, renovation, repair, and replacement. We can do excavation, concrete resurfacing, concrete floor polishing, and a lot more. Whether you need concrete driveways for your residential or commercial properties, we are the #1 Santa Ana, CA concrete contractor to trust.


Is concrete your primary choice of material to build your driveway? If you aren’t fully decided yet, read on to understand why you should consider a concrete driveway for your home in Santa Ana, CA. A concrete or asphalt driveway offers various benefits. Concrete patios and decorative masonry are certainly some of the best ways to boost the curb appeal of your house or business office in Santa Ana, California. Concrete driveways built by the local professionals increase styles and can easily attract attention while serving their purpose.


Here are five benefits you can enjoy if you choose to build concrete driveways for your properties.

1. Durable

Concrete floors are long-lasting and sturdy. They can be functional for an average of 28 years with regular maintenance. They can withstand pressure from heavy loads, constant foot and vehicle traffic, and even extreme weather conditions, such as snow and typhoons. If you use heavy vehicles, including trucks and delivery vans, a concrete driveway is exactly what you need.

2. Wide Range of Options

Contrary to the typical belief that concrete floors all look, the same, FlagStone offers a wide range of concrete flooring options for home remodeling and commercial renovation projects. You can choose from various Santa Ana concrete materials, including:

  • Stamped concrete
  • Patterned concrete
  • Decorative concrete
  • Colored concrete And stained concrete

Professional designers and installers can incorporate these concrete types into various driveway designs and mimic cobblestones, slates, and bricks. The application and use of the concrete floor types above will depend on your desired driveway appearance. We are professional concrete contractors in driveway construction in Orange County. Call us today to discuss your preferred outdoor look, and we’ll be happy to design and build it for you.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Concrete is one of the most environmentally-friendly materials we use in construction. The primary material we use is limestone, which is a natural element. Concrete is also recyclable and can be repurposed for other construction works, such as sub-base for concrete roads or ground installation, furniture, and even crafts. Additionally, its strength and durability allow it to survive wear-and-tear pressure for decades, which lessens the need to rebuild it often, lowering the use of other resources along the way.

4. Minimal Maintenance

Driveway maintenance has one of the most straightforward processes – well, those made of concrete, at least. Concrete helps avoid the accumulation of dirt, debris, and dust in your exterior facade, making it easier to clean. Moreover, concretes are molds and allergen-resistant than wood, which could pose a significant health threat to your home or work area. Concrete not only lowers your expenses on unnecessary maintenance fees but also promotes a healthy and safe environment for your family and colleagues.

5. Aesthetic Value

Having an excellent curb appeal through an attention-catching concrete driveway is a must if you live in Santa Ana, CA. We offer various designs, textures, colors, and patterns, which can easily be mixed and match a beautiful aesthetic effect. We can also customize your Santa Ana concrete decorative pieces, including block walls, concrete slab, pavers, asphalt, and many more. We can also customize your existing concrete by using stain sealers, dyes, and oxides.

If you are starting your driveway project anytime soon, we are encouraging you to consider the use of concrete or cement. It is the best choice to give your space a more natural texture that can match outdoor elements, be it with landscaped garden, your back yard, or a parking lot. Also, a correctly installed and regularly maintained driveway can offer service to your family or business for decades, which gives you good value for your money. Let us help you choose the right components for your driveway project.


FlagStone, one of the premier concrete contractors in Santa Ana, CA, is a locally-owned company specializing in concrete installation, construction of a new driveway, and other masonry works. We are a professional team that services homes and offices. Here some of our top choices for concrete flooring we use for our Santa Ana, CA projects.

STAMPED FLOORS: Over our years of service to the cities in Southern California, we developed a significant number of patterns that can let us create a more sophisticated look for your driveway. Our patterns can imitate flagstones, natural stones, brick pieces, and pavers. We also have other types that mimic river stones, limestones, sandstones, ashlar slates, and wood interlocking planks. Our best-selling stamped concrete types include:

Fractured Slate: It is a concrete pattern designed to look like a fractured, natural slate. It shows sharp corners and edges, which allows our professional installers to create random interlocking designs.

Cobblestone: One of our favorite masonry jobs is creating textures that look like worn-out cobblestones. This pattern gives off an eccentric yet elegant feel to your driveway.

English York Stone: If you use this concrete pattern on your site, it gives a fractured, natural stone feel. It has a variety of broken and rounded corners edges. This stamped concrete pattern is one of the easiest concrete types to maintain and clean.

For FlagStone – Santa Ana, we can recommend designs that fit your needs appropriately while considering the functionality aesthetics of the concrete driveway. Our priority is always to provide innovative concrete solutions to answer your home or business needs.


FlagStone is your best choice to do colored concrete projects for your Santa Ana, CA home. We will provide you with lots of color choices that can surely match the other components of your home. We can mix our colored concrete with your concrete foundations, retaining walls, or even your garden grove. A stunning look is definitely what we can deliver at the end of our project. FlagStone only uses high-quality, eco-friendly products in California, so there is no need for you to worry about the safety, durability, and, of course, the aesthetics of your driveway.


Our team is also known for doing a great job in concrete engraving in Orange County at affordable prices. We ensure that we finish our job fast to lower any inconvenience for your family or business. However, note that the completion for our experts to complete an engraving project depends on several factors, including your driveway size, the current material costs, the intensity of cleaning the job site, how many stain coats are required, concrete repairs like cracks that need to be done before the engraving process, and the weather during the concrete installation day.

FlagStone uses top-rated engraving tools in Santa Ana, CA, including the latest Cobra brand models to deliver you the best outcome you deserve.


The FlagStone team in Santa Ana, CA, is also an expert in staining concrete structures, including driveways, parking lots, concrete foundations, concrete pavers, and many more. Our chemical stains are effective, eco-friendly, and are cheaper than the average costs in California. They can easily penetrate cement surfaces for your new driveway, building a picturesque view for the typical grayish look of concrete. Stained concrete is the best choice in highlighting a space to make it stand out against its surrounding area. We use innovative dyes and colorants that can produce mottled, variegated, and fading color effects.

If you have few questions on how to choose the best type of concrete floor for your next driveway or paving project, call us today for free estimates. We have the best price in the market. Let our masonry experts help you build the home driveway you only dreamed of before.

What is your typical procedure in building a concrete driveway?

FlagStone developed our process to ensure that we provide the best service to our Santa Ana, CA clients. Here is our four-step process when we install a concrete surface to give you an overview of how we deliver our services.

Step 1: We will do an extensive cleaning of the job site. If we are to do staining or engraving, we will apply an etch acid agent to initiate the bonding process.
Step 2: We will repair or restore any cracks.
Step 3: We will do the necessary process depending on the type of concrete floor you picked.
Step 4: When the concrete process is complete, we will proceed to do another full clean-up. Once the floor is dried, we will apply a sealer to boost your floor strength.

What is your typical procedure in building a concrete driveway?

Besides the options that we presented above, we also offer the following:

-Exposed aggregate finishes
-Grooved patterned concretes

We can create beautiful patterns defined with a concrete saw and grooved with our top-caliber hand tools.

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